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Teragence’s hyper-granular mobile connectivity mapping insights support a diverse range of industries  such as  Real Estate & Property, Utilities, Transport and Local Government. With our  mobile network data these industries optimise the planning and operations of  their mobile connectivity needs and their wider digital transformation.

Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicles - CAV - Mobile Network Coverage Solution - Teragence

Road Transport

Road transport needs  mobile connectivity. Road authorities depend on it to communicate effectively with their users, vehicle OEMs need good mobile connectivity to deliver a safe and optimal connected customer experience. EV charge points need good mobile connectivity to deliver a smooth billing and charging experience. Teragence ‘s granular, location -specific mobile network data enables  road transport actors  to optimise their connectivity-dependent services.

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Local Authorities

Whether working on digital inclusion or a smart city strategy, mobile connectivity is the starting point for any of these. But obtaining detailed information on mobile connectivity can be costly and time-consuming. Teragence offers immediate, granular and quantitative mobile network insights at low cost, giving local authorities and smart city operators the data they need to develop their strategies and deliver the associated benefits.

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IOT - Teragence Use Cases Mobile Network Coverage


An IoT solution is only as good as its  connectivity.  Teragence network data provides localised insights in the availability of general cellular connectivity as well as the coverage of LPWAN protocols such as NB-IOT and LTE-M. We enable IOT service providers to review the available connectivity as part of the planning and deployment process and avoid the costs of bad connectivity.

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Location-Based Services

Teragence transforms every cell tower into a geofence, boasting the most accurate cellular positioning database globally. This service provides precise cellular location data when Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is unavailable or ineffective.

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Location Based Services - Teragence Use Cases - Mobile Network Connectivity
Mobile Connectivity for Real Estate​ - Teragence - Use Cases - Mobile Network coverage

Real Estate & Property

High-quality mobile connectivity is a crucial factor for both residential and commercial tenants and buyers. With Teragence, developers and property owners can quickly and efficiently evaluate their plans’ impact on wireless connectivity quality, taking the necessary steps to maximise the value of their assets.

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MVNO and Connectivity Providers

If you’re an MVNO, a small cell service provider, DAS operator or private network operator, understanding the performance of major operators’ networks is vital. Teragence offers a cost-efficient alternative to drive testing and surveys, for indoor as well as outdoor mobile coverage. Our customers use Teragence’s mobile connectivity insights to find customers, identify deployment locations and assure the quality of their deployments

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Teragence maps out all aspects of mobile network coverage. We provide accurate, granular, and transparent data on network coverage and mobile signal strength. Our mobile network mapping improves the operation of businesses that need mobile connectivity to be successful.

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