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Teragence Cell Coverage provides businesses in sectors such as Towercos, Real Estate and Location-based services with precise mapping of cell site footprints. enabling accurate location assessments and the optimisation of network infrastructure.

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Enhance your network planning and location assessment strategies

Cell Coverage
Benefits and Applications

Cellular Location Assessment

Embrace the next level of cell-based location assessment with Teragence Cell Coverage™. Transforming every cell tower into a digital geo-fence, our service provides precise, dependable location data, especially when conventional GNSS services fall short or aren’t applicable. As illustrated in our comprehensive video demo, just enter the identifying codes of a cell tower, and in return, you get the comprehensive coverage area of that tower. This enables rapid and precise location fixes for any device connected to the tower. It’s an innovative approach to location intelligence, expanding horizons for precise and efficient location-based services.

cell coverage - cell based location assessment

Mobile Network Design, Planning & Optimisation

Revolutionize your approach to mobile network design, planning, and optimization with the in-depth, accurate cell mapping provided by Teragence Cell Coverage™. We don’t just offer generic cell coverage maps; instead, we meticulously map the exact geographic coverage of every individual cell site, irrespective of the network or technology. This level of precision offers a powerful, data-driven basis for network improvements and optimization. The video demo provides an insightful glance at how we visualize crowd-sourced data informing the measurements. This unique approach allows you to understand the core coverage areas, facilitating better network design and optimization to improve both coverage and user experience.

Real Estate & Towercos

Strengthen your real estate and tower company strategies with the detailed and accurate data provided by Teragence Cell Coverage™. We go beyond the standard practices by accurately mapping every cell tower’s coverage, serving as an incredibly efficient and innovative tool for infrastructure planning and decision-making. As you can see from our video demo, we present the coverage shapes in an easily integrable, API-ready format like GeoJSON. This data can be seamlessly absorbed into other systems, allowing for rapid location retrieval. Such a tool proves indispensable in the fast-paced real estate and tower industries, where location and coverage data can significantly influence investment and development strategies. It’s a combination of cutting-edge technology and actionable data, geared to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.
cell coverage - Real Estate & Towercos
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Teragence maps out all aspects of mobile network coverage. We provide accurate, granular, and transparent data on network coverage and mobile signal strength. Our mobile network mapping improves the operation of businesses that need mobile connectivity to be successful.

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