BlogNewsTeragence Signal Checker brings mobile coverage insights to ZARIOT Customers

Teragence Signal Checker brings mobile coverage insights to ZARIOT Customers

An IoT solution is only as good as its connectivity.  Teragence provides localised insights in the availability of general cellular connectivity as well as the coverage of LPWAN protocols such as NB-IOT and LTE-M. We enable IoT service providers to review the available connectivity as part of the planning and deployment process and avoid the costs of bad connectivity.

Leading IoT platform providers have been expanding their value proposition from platform to full ecosystem. In this setup, customers not only access the company’s provisioned services, but also value-added services from third-party providers such as Teragence. ZARIOT customers can now access Teragence Signal Checker directly as part of the company’s ecosystem. This combined with Teragence’s flexible pay-as-you-use pricing enables customers to build a service portfolio that exactly fits their needs. We are very excited to be part of this new approach to the market.

Jimmy Jones, Head of Security at ZARIOT commented: “We pride ourselves in providing a full range of IoT capabilities. Connectivity and coverage questions are a recurring theme with any IoT user. We are excited to make Teragence Signal Checker available on our console to help answer those questions.”

This blog post highlights the three benefits of Teragence Signal Checker for the IoT Market:

Select The Right Radio Access

Mobile connectivity is the bedrock of any IoT solution. IoT operators provide worldwide connectivity leveraging local, in-country operators. But there is often little information on coverage provided. Traditional operator-provided coverage maps often prove unreliable, particularly with the emergence of NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies, exacerbating the issue.

Enter Teragence Signal Checker, a comprehensive solution encompassing not only conventional “human” connectivity technologies like 4G and 5G but also low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technologies such as NB-IoT and LTE-M. This breadth of coverage positions Teragence Signal Checker as the premier tool for discerning optimal IoT radio access, be it on a nationwide scale or at a granular, location-specific level. By empowering ZARIOT’s clientele to preemptively select the most suitable operator for their specific connectivity requirements, the platform facilitates smoother, more efficient deployments, ensuring a higher rate of success from the outset.

Optimise location selection for IoT deployments

The IoT deployment business case rests squarely on low-cost connectivity replacing the need for high-cost physical site visits. However, a device deployed in a low-signal location will typically need multiple site visits, each costing several hundred Pounds, Dollars or Euros. Such repeat visits will significantly erode the IoT business case – not to mention the dissatisfaction of the end-user.

ZARIOT customers can now use Teragence Signal Checker to verify the signal strength at any location across all cellular technologies, including LTE-M and NB-IoT. They can optimise their IoT deployments by avoiding bad coverage locations and delivering “right first time” installations, and deliver on the business case promise of their solution.

For example, UDlive, UK based water metering company uses Teragence Signal Checker to optimise
the placement of their sensors along the water network. They benchmarked deployment costs with an without Teragence’s Signal Checker and concluded was that the use of Teragence Signal Checker, they delivered a 15% right-first-time deployment cost saving.

Increase IoT assurance & trouble shooting effectiveness

While the previous two use cases focused on the planning and installation of stationary IoT deployments, this third case applies more in mobile IoT deployments.

Installing IoT sensors is one thing. Ongoing management and support is another. And cost-effective support is a key profitability driver for any player in this space. There are a number of levers which can be applied: from FAQ pages to chatbots and trouble ticket automation. But in the end, quickly identifying and eliminating problem root causes is key to a cost effective service desk. It is also an important driver of customer satisfaction.

With Teragence Signal checker IoT service providers can ascertain the location-specific network quality across normal cellular networks as well as cellular LPWAN technologies. Teragence Signal Checker users can ascertain the likelihood of bad connectivity when a device stops working in a new location. And with this faster diagnosis come cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Teragence Signal Checker Enhances Fast Support for Operational Optimization
Teragence Signal Checker Enhances Fast Support for Operational Optimization | Photo 33295440 © Mino Surkala

For example, Telraam is a European smart city solutions and citizen science provider. Their sensors ascertain traffic levels. Telraam uses Teragence Signal Checker to quickly diagnose any reported problems with their devices. The company’s co-founder commented “Teragence Signal Checker is a vital tool in our support and service assurance function. Signal Checker allows us to easily rule out/confirm connectivity issues and to get much quicker to the root cause of the problem. It also allows us to now cross check prior to sensor deployment whether or not mobile network coverage (or the lack thereof) will be an issue”.


Teragence Signal Checker supports a wide range of IoT use cases – from radio access selection to deployment optimisation and assurance acceleration. By being part of the ZARIOT ecosystem, we can now offer our services to more IoT users.

If you want to know more visit our mobile coverage mapping solutions page or get in touch through our contact page.

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